Help us build a school for Badjao kids

Sari and familyOur filming adventure lasted four years. We experienced the astonishing hospitality of the Badjao families many times. Though simple people on the verge of poverty, they welcomed us into their families with open arms and hearts.The authorities don’t help the Badjao; they are seen as gypsies that need to be driven off the sea to live in slum settlements on land. We want to give them something that brings hope and opportunity for the future. We want to build a school for Sari and other Badjao children in Mabul.

Unfortunately, our first campaign didn’t raise the full amount of money needed to build a school for Sari. But we’re not giving up yet!

“Walking Under Water” is doing very well on its international tour and more people are hearing Sari’s story. We’ve decided to repeat our campaign at the end of this year and hopefully raise the full amount needed to send Sari and his friends to school. Many thanks to everyone who has pledged support so far.

Supporters: Agata Piórko, Agnieszka Moody, Aleksi Puranen, Alex Gorokhov, Anja Dziersk, Bijal Patel, Contentking, Cristina Colissimo, Dariusz Paprocki, El Capitan Jumper, Esben Madsen, Greg Haynes, Gregor Streiber, H. Purcell, Hanne Phlypo, James Lau, Joanna Kalita,Jocelyn Trepte, Julia Kolberger, Justyna22uk, Kaspar Winkler, Katarzyna Slesicka, Laury Dasta, Leszek Stepniak, Lilfilm, Lisa Strohmayer, Loretta Stern, M. Iskrzycki, Maksymilian Klin, Margaret Blurton, Marina Mahathir, Marvin Thoma, Melissa Chi, Nika Belianina, Peter Kerr, Peter Shadix, Preston Lynn, Richard Misek, Serena Mignani, Sou-Yen Kim, Tania Golingi, Tomasz Tomaszewski, and Yugesh Walia.