A new feature documentary by Eliza Kubarska

Walking Under Water

Walking Under Water

Deeply moving account of human struggle in the natural and spirit worlds, told with both harrowing immediacy and stunning visual poetry
Los Angeles Film Festival Jury

Great balance of the form and content, and beautiful message
Planete+ Jury

Reminiscent of the classic documentaries of Robert Flaherty, WALKING UNDER WATER is an exquisite and lyrical experience
Hot Docs Jury

One of those documentaries that boundlessly broaden our horizons
Wirtualna Polska

A touching story of young boy torn between being a fisherman like his uncle and the temptations of the modern resorts as civilisation brings an end to the Badjao, an ancient tribe of ocean nomads



Walking Under Water nominated for Doc Alliance Selection Award »

Visionary Award at IWFF »

Honorable mention at Cinema Planeta »

Documentary Feature Award at Sarasota Festival »

Palm Springs International Film Festival – John Schlesinger Award »

Saratoga Film Festival 2015
Los Angeles Film Festival 2014
hotdocs Toronto 2014
Planete+ Poland 2014 2014